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Alljobsearch.com is the most powerful and comprehensive job search engine that amalgamates all jobs from many resource in one place to make the online job search much easier. This site searches everywhere, including thousands of popular job sites, professional sites, employers sites, newspapers and newsgroups in real time. Using our dynamic online search methodology DOSM, alljobsearch is able to dynamically add a site within minutes. DOSM provides a unique solution to search very diversified dynamic sites and even the sites with dynamic URLs.

Alljobsearch.com has being warmly embraced by job seekers since its inception. Here, let our users have more to say about alljobsearch:

Editor's Pick of the Month at isocom2000
The best online site to search for a job is located @ http://www.alljobsearch.com/ where you can search 180+ websites, 500+ newspapers, and 300+ newsgroups all at one site.
Five Star ***** at mondaynetwork.org:
***** Alljobsearch.com - http://www.alljobsearch.com - This site is a simple interface that amalgamates information from many many other sources - including USENET newsgroups. I've found this one to be very useful.
Does it work?
12/30/01 Article on knoxnews.com: One other resolution often made is to get a better job. However, this year many are finding it's not a resolution, but a necessity. Whether necessary or a resolution, I'd like to offer a wonderful site called AllJobSearch.com - www.alljobsearch.com.

AllJobSearch has more than 50 search sites including Monster, Headhunter, CareerMag, Jobs, MegaJobSite, Fedworld, America's Job Bank, CareerBuilder and many more. It also includes major American newspapers. The thing I liked most about this site, besides having all the searches in one place, was the simplicity of use. Enter keyword(s), country, state/province, city, job type, post date and category, then click search. Since you've already entered your job specifications on AllJobSearch, the chosen criteria automatically carries over and you simply click on the search engine of your choice, it remembers your selections, and you find your new job. Skeptical of finding a job on the Internet? Don't be. That's how my family came to live in Tennessee.
I was amazed
Diane: I gave your e-mail address to Nova of Sunnyvale, California this morning, they're a Federally funded career center. They loved the site and will be book-marking it on all of their many computers, along with giving the address to their many visitors. I told them I was amazed, in this day and age, at your amazingly quick response time to the questions and suggestions I had.
A real timesaver
Gary P: I'm going into the "One Stop Career Center" today, (State run unemployment/job service office here in Florida) I'm going to tell them how impressed I am with the site. They recommend job search websites to about 250 different people a day. Thank you!!! For developing a site where one only fills in the blanks "ONE TIME" it's a real time saver!!
I have been telling people
Bluebotl: I have been telling people about your site. It's very helpful to not have to rekey search criteria. I'll be using it until I get a job.
It's all I've used
Jason Riggs: Thank God you guys are back up. During the time your site was down, I felt totally stranded in my job hunting endeavors. Since I discovered your Web site a few weeks ago, it's all I've used. Keep up the great work.
Can I help this site ?
Ron Hubert: Is there anything users of alljobsearch.com can do to expand the reach & depth of this excellent site?
Extremely comprehensive
Ed Cloughessy: I think your web site is extremely comprehensive, and it is sure to meet my job search needs
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Features of the search engine
Once for All
There are thousands of career sites. Each job site has quite different search rules, for example, some sites need to enter query criteria in multipe pages, some sites have a dynamic URL, and some even do not tell how to search. With one query, AllJobSearch help you search 1000+ job sites, newspapers, and newsgroups.
Real Time
AllJobSearch returns the recently jobposting. You can find jobs through Alljobsearch as soon as they are posted somewhere.
High Quality Result
The search result through Alljobsearch is the same as that of the original sites for normal case. In many cases, Alljobsearch may even have better results than the original sites. For example, monster and yahoo do not allow you to specify job postdate, but AllJobSearch does what you want.
Newsgroup Search Engine
AllJobSearch newsgroup engines find unique and recent jobs from over 300+ newsgroups and organize the search results according to keyword, postdate, location, and job type.
Newspapers and local sites
Alljobsearch searches over five hundreds local sites or newspapers.
Occupational sites
Alljobsearch also lists many occupational job sites to fit the demand of the diversified community.
Job Posting
Alljobsearch.com also provides 24x7 job posting.
What's the next?
Alljobsearch will provide resume posting, and automatic match of resume and job. These are only the basic service. More advanced and intelligent services will be delived in the near future.

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